working on LH79520 ARM processor board, anyone else ?


I'm working a new design for this year which would turn out to be a good processor board(and cheap) for a robot. It's based on the Sharp LH79520 32bit ARM processor. I'm currenlty designing a PCb for this. I have to make a new footprint to place this part, it fits in a 176-LQFP package. There's also a BGA package, but I haven't figured out how to solder BGA's at home yet. The processors sell for under $20 at Digikey Is there anyone else that might be looking at this ? We could use some software folks too, I heard of Linux be ported to this device.

Here's the scoop on this type The LH79520 combines a 32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC,

8KB Cache, MMU, color LCD controller, and 32KB SRAM. Also included are a number of essential peripherals such as a DMA Controller, SDRAM controller, Serial and Parallel Interfaces, Infrared Support, Counter/Timers, Real Time Clock, Watchdog Timer, Pulse Width Modulators, and an on-chip Phase Lock Loop.
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