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Hi all!

In my projects I use PICs of assorted packages, therefore I gave up on the idea of programming them on a programmer and then soldering to the board. Instead, from now on I will provide a header for in circuit programming (ICSP) and forget about expensive package adapters.

I've googled a couple of programmers with ICSP capability and found various types and prices, but I wanted to know if any one of you could help me selecting one. The characteristics I'm looking are:

- Compatible with as many PICs as possible (in particular 18F452 and


- ICSP (obviously)

- Cheap (less than $80)

- USB preferentially (serial port is my second option)

- Easy to use windows software (xp compatible)

No need for a socket.



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I've not used it, but this is the PIC programmer I was looking at:

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Mark Haase


I use a KitsRUs K149. It is in the general price range you mention. You can purchase it without socket. It does have an ICSP plug. I've never used the ISCP plug since I use the 40-pin ZIF socket instead. The K149 has both USB and serial. The K150 is USB only. Both need an external wall wart to provide power.

I do not know if the 18F452 and 18F4550 are on their supported list. All of the PIC programmer vendors out there are struggling to keep up with the on-slaught of programming algorthims required to program the ever expanding Microchip PIC product line. I do know that KitsRUs is supposed to release an upgraded version of the protocol that they use that will increase the number of PIC processors that they can program. Like many software projects, this particular project happens to be behind schedule.

I have no relationship with KitsRUs, just a satisfied customer.


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Wayne C. Gramlich

Have you considered using a bootloader? You'd still need to load it the first time, of course, but in that case, you could just slap together one of the innumerable tait-style ones for $5 in parts. After that, there are many bootloaders available for PICs, particularly the 18F series.

- Rich

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Go with the new kitsrus.com programmer 185 when its out

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The forum for it is
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I've got one of their older K150's, its pretty good.

Pity newfound stopped supporting the warp13a's and started charging for firmware upgrades.

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Alex Gibson

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