USB PIC programmer with ICSP

Hi all!

I guess this question was asked before, but I'm not sure if with this level of requirements, so I'm going to ask again.

In my projects I use PICs of assorted packages, therefore I gave up on the idea of programming them on a programmer and then soldering to the board. Instead, on my new board designs I will provide a header for in circuit programming (ICSP) and forget about expensive package adapters.

I've googled a couple of programmers with ICSP capability and found various types and prices, but I wanted to know if any one of you could help me selecting one. The characteristics I'm looking are:

- Compatible with as many PICs as possible (in particular 18F452 and


- ICSP (obviously)

- Cheap (less than $80)

- USB preferentially (serial port is my second option)

- Easy to use windows software (xp compatible)

No need for a socket but I won't complain if it comes with one.



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Please disregard, this was intended for the piclist. My mistako.

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I use the Olimex USB programmer from About $87. I love it.


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Bennet Williams

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