Proximity sensor

How can I develop a simple proximity sensor that will return the
distance to the nearest object? Because IR proximity sensors are not
available in India...
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I live in a country where these sort of parts are difficult to buy locally. Why not order your sensor on-line and get it delivered. Its that easy. Making a sensor to report distance will require parts that you will probably need to import anyway.
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Ian Drennan
Proximity sensor with analog output. Voltage output varies with Distance. Electronics circuit can be setup to read in the voltage, which will convert them to distance.
I hope this answer your question.
-- Best Regards, Lim Siong Boon
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We have shipped the MaxSonar-EZ1 to India. Express mail takes about one week. We sell an analog output ultrasonic range finer.
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Bob (Robot Wars Thumper 1997)

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