Remote servo control, some assistance pls

Hi All

I am looking from some solutions to use as an alternative to standard hobbyist radio control equipment.

I would like to replace what I have with a remote system that I can set the maximum radio output of, and select a frequncy to use.

The purpose is for control of servos over limited range low power radio control point to point, about 100 ft , controlling various angles of a DSLR camera on a pan and tilt mounting..

The camera is remotely positioned from the controller and the viewfinding is done via low power 2.4ghz downlink.

Id like to make a more proprietry system that has more lattitude for control of it with respect to its output and selecting a legal frequency under our LPFM class licence range.

Rather than hacking up radio control gear which I have done already.

The rest to remain much the same as a 6 channel radio controller.

Some ideas or pointers on wireless servo controllers would be appreciated.

Cheers Dave

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What does this statement mean ???

Power output and transmission frequency ???

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To effect the range of the transmitter I have done this with the RC gear, simply dropping the input power reflects a reduction in output range, but is limited in how low I can go. I want less range but cant drop the power on the RC gear since the circuitry ceases to function at a point..

RC gear is limited to a number of frequencies that dont meet the range I wish to operate in to satisfy the class licence here for low power FM transmitters.

Those are the only two factors I need that I cant get from a standard hobby RC Tx off the shelf I currently use forthe purpose.

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