Repacking ballscrews/ballnuts


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Cliff wrote:

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At that point, they might just as well to be several thou undersize then....

Regardless, they'll still be in contact with one another along a long 'chain'--AND at a third contact point someplace on the ballscrew or nut groove.

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Thinking about it further, that third contact point would always be against the nut groove, scuffing against it at a point in the arch that the larger balls would otherwise never touch excepting for their preload.....

And thinks the 'every other ball is sized smaller than the others deal' is most probably just an old wive's tail.....

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I'm wondering now too .... I think I recall they we used them but cannot for the life of me recall assembling them but suspect that I did ... perhaps my vague memory fails on me doing that bit of assembly. Perhaps different makes differ too though ...

The bearing supply house is the ticket....

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