robotics challenge

I think the biggest challenge is Artificiall Intelligence, what's your
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I'd be happy to see some natural intelligence; before we can synthesize it, we need to know how to recognize it.
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Computers are fast enuf to exhaust all
the Liberals "circular" excuses .
Seriously , we now have all the hardware to do A.I. , but for the C/C++ Luddite programmers .
Software follows h/w , yet it can take a too important position . But when h/w is powerful and low cost , nothing will stop the software revolt !
Soon , we will be tossing everything . No Linux/Unix , no MicroSoft , no Palm .
Its actually 100 times easier to create a powerful , structured , integrated Op Sys than it is to struggle to maintain bloat linux . One of the problems was to "hook" Linux and C , to hardware . New s/w will not hook , they will be totally integrated .
Take one aspect , USB . Its actually easy to toss the protocol and make a better one , in days ! Ultimately , it will use RLL in hardware .
I am buying h/w . I will use game boxes like NDS Lite . I will write a new Op Sys for it . Ill start with a new interactive loader. I will be able to assemble code in the loader. It will look a little like Forth , so ill call it new Forth or ForthRite ... It will not use text , but a True GUI , even at the 8 KB level .
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