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I have been listening to a really informative robotics podcast for a
while now, and was surprised to find out that it hasn't been mentioned
on this group yet. The podcast is called "Talking Robots" (as in
"talking about robots" not "robots that talk"). I subscribe using
iTunes, but there are plenty of other ways to listen.
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Here is a list of past guests and topics:
Rolf Pfeifer - New AI
Owen Holland - Robot Consciousness
Olivier Michel - Robot Simulation as a Business Opportunity
Josh Bongard and Hod Lipson - Resilient Machines through continuous
self modeling
Raja Chatila - Robot Navigation
Luc Steels - Evolution of Communication and Language
Francesco Mondada - Starting a Business in Research Robotics
Barbara Webb - Biorobotics
Uwe Zimmer - Underwater Robotics
Terry Fong - Human-Robot Teams
Dario Floreano - Talking Robots
Check it out.
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These podcasts are excellent! Thanks for your post.
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