Strong ARM, Digital Shark

I have a couple DEC StrongARM processor based thin clients, they are pretty
old, but the still boot. They network boot NetBSD.
I was wondering, and is it worth it, to port/move the motor PID control
system (See PID controller on
formatting link
and slow I/O to
one of these boxes and use the EPIA for higher level stuff?
I think netbsd will work well enough, I could replace the WAP with a
wireless router (Real cheap these days) and have the EPIA provide a DHCP
and tftp boot server.
The sharks are fairly low power, self contained, and run on 5V. Bonus, I
have a couple lying around. So, cost to me, $0.00
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I have used older versions of NetBSD on VME crates and MicroVaxen. It works pretty reliably and the code is about as readable as any kernel code ever is.
Good Luck, Bob
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arm linux like that used on the gumstix should also work
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Alex Gibson

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