we are not in situation to think about human robot..

hai i m posting this topic to make those people aware of the reality
who r thinking what will happen when robot will start dominating the
u ofcourse kno that to get that situation what robot wil need. they
should b putted with smart brain.. smarter then humen.. Realy telling,
we r not in the situation to think about that atleast for next few
generation.. 1st thing is to kno about how humen brain works.. in verry
simple manner two type of processes goes in our mind.. computational
and non-computational. what ever intelegent device have been med yet,
works on computational way, in one sentense out computer works totally
upon computation work. non computation work is that where we get upon
some conclusion just on a flash.. like by listning voise of some one or
by seeing some colour we just give a concluson about that.. (even
adeptive system cant do that so intelligently) so we are not able to
implemet these non computational things because our intelegent devices
work on binary, comparision and many things which are nothing but
computational.. and the complexity of thinking is realy out of
imagination by current knowledge.. there many example and parameters
which we can find..
so its a challenge upon us to find out the way to work on this non
computational problem..
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