Where is JAVRBasic to be found?

I tried to get a hold of it at

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and www3.igalaxy.net but got nothing. These sites seem to be under construction or not valid. Is the download available anywhere?


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Ron Ciren
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I have a copy on my hard disk and helped the original author a few years ago with some testing. As far as I know there has not been any work done on it since then and it was still in development at that point in time.

You may want to look at Bascom BASIC. There is continuing support and development on it to fix bugs and add features and it is quite reasonable in cost for the licensed version. The free version will compile up to 2 K of code (binary output) so it is suitable for many projects and for proper evaluation.


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Mike Jones

2k demo version of bascom-avr and info can be found at:
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Don McKenzie

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