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Want a group where you can find files, helpful links, and reference material for the Motorola 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, etc. microcontrollers, or the 8051, 8052, and it's variants, or even the PIC? What about performance comparisons? Well, I was tired of dead groups or groups without any information. That or groups by vendors that don't foster any sort of comparisons to other controllers or vendors.

This is not so much about a benefit to me, but about sharing of information with others. So it's not for me to just spout off as I could be wrong. It's about people starting off like myself trying to find a source of information and people to share and learn from.

I will not mind an ad or two by vendors, only with the qualification that they have shown to provide valuable resource or input to the group prior. I will also be glad to evaluate boards and software by vendors and post my results.

I moderate the messages to keep from getting spam so the group is not a hassle. I may later change it to moderate only new users at a later date.

Any constructive criticism is invited. It will help to provide a resource point for you and me.

Be sure to check out the folders to the left such as Links, Files, Photos, and Polls. I will be adding to them as we go.

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Thanks Michael

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