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What is localization ?
I was surfing on the Acroname web site tonight and saw their review on Evolution Robotics' Northstar system, which they touted as having "breakthrough localization". I hadn't too much attention to it...
Mars Exploration Rover Update - March 27, 2006
UPDATE: Continuing the Move Away from 'Erebus' - sol 762-770, Mar 27, 2006: Opportunity is healthy and making progress away from "Erebus Crater." This week the rover drove nearly 180 meters (591...
Electronic Scale - with an API
Hi, I'm developing a fixed-arm robot system. The system is called "Human-Robot Collaborative Learning System for Inspection". The reinforcement learning based system enables collaboration of knowledge...
Gear Cutter: Trade for mechanical design and fabrication
Hi All I built a gear cutter some time back and it worked ok. Because it is small and flimsey, I am going to build a larger one. The electronics, motors, drivers, and software is done. What's missing...
How to calculate depth of focus
I am developing a robot which has a single arm and one webcam that acts as eye to it. The webcam captures the image of the object. But how to calculate the distance or depth of focus so that the robot...
Inverse kinematics for a 3DOF robot arm
Hello, I am working on a 3-DOF Robot arm. It is similar to an anthropomorphic robot arm. I need to compute the inverse kinematics of the arm in Matlab. Is there anyone who has already computed an...
Motor Controllers
Hi all, I am moving up to these motors from the Robot Store. what motor controller should I use with these motors, and an OOPic microcontroller. I was looking a an Lynxmotion Dual "H-Bridge Motor...
Vex on sale at radio shack - 50% off!
Everything Vex related is now 50% off at radioshack and You can get the starter kit for $150. It's quite a good deal. Just a heads up for fellow robot enthusiasts :) ttyl, --buddy
Silverlit I-Cybot infrared codes (Omniremote for Palm OS)
Greetings: We have an I-Cybot (Silverlit) which is missing its IR remote control. If you have one of these and a Palm OS-based machine with IR, I would really appreciate your assistance to train...
Recent article on home made gears ?
I seem to recall recently reading an article on making your own gears/timing pulleys. I am remebering something that showed how to print out a template, use a drill to make the teeth, etc. I am even...
download McGraw-Hill Engineering Reference Software FREE
I was looking online for more info on Robot Builder's Bonanza 3rd edition, and stumbled upon this offer from McGraw-Hill! copied from the web page listed above ---------------- Now you can download...
Thumbed thru Robot Builder's Bonanza edition 3 today
I thumbed thru the 3rd edition of Robot Builder's Bonanza today and so when I got home I dragged out my copy of the 2nd edition & did a quick comparison of the table of contents online. It seemed that...
Domestic Chores
Is there a comprehensive list of domestic chores one would have robots doing on the web somewhere? Thanks, Brad Smallridge aivision
Do you have a CMPS03 ?
Hi all. Could someboby tell me the frequency of the crystal on the CMPS03 board. Last time I tried to use my compass it did not work. Closer inspection revealed the crystal on the board was damaged...
1 week left: RoboMontreal logo design contest!
Over $200 in prizes up for grabs in RoboMontreal's logo design contest - entries due next Friday (March 31st) at noon! Grand prize: A Sumovore Mini-Sumo Robot Kit and a Netmedia BASICX-24p...