A Few Calculations

Am just looken for a little bit of help with a few calculations, a formula
would be helpful.
Rocket type: Alpha
Rocket mass w/out engine: 27.30g
Engine type: B4-4
Propellent mass : 8.33g
Engine mass: 21g
Thrust: 4.17N
Firing time: 1.2sec
Time delay: 4sec
Chute ejects after 4sec
Calculation part
Find Average Acceleration(m/s2) = 10.48987505m/s2 [up]
Find Maximum Velocity(m/s) = 12.58785006m/s [up]
Find Burnout Height(m)
Find Distance during coast(m)
Find Maximum height befor parachute egection(m)
Find velocity at time of chute ejection(m/s)
Find coast distance at ejection(m)
Find total height at ejection(m)
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Try running it through wrasp and see if it agrees with you.
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