aircraft, spacecraft, oshkosh, and ME!

well, I am busy getting ready for the weeklong bash only 3 hours away
from me. losing my job aint stopiing me, nor is being nearly broke
going to slow me down either.
send me an email if you are gonna be there
just a few things I hope to check out. excuse any repeats (this is
only 1/10th of what is available)
Advanced Structural Analysis Methods: From PC's to Hypercomputers
Motor Mount Design and Construction
The Internet: An Integral Part Of The AMT Toolbox And Pilot Flight Bag
Do's And Don't Of Designing And Building Your Instrument Panel
The Next Aviation Frontier: Airplanes On Mars
Ultralight Hot Air Balloon Construction Techniques And Materials
Welding - Learning the Basics
Into Thin Air - The Dangers Of Flying Above 9,000 Feet
SR-71 Blackbird - An Engineering Marvel
To Be Announced - NASA
Composite Structures - Brittle Or Tough
The Appropriate Application Of New Technology
Human Factors and Spatial Disorientation
Getting Started in Ultralights and FAR Part 103
Synthetic Vision Systems - General Aviation Overview
Composite Aircraft - Airworthy
Wide Area Augmentation Systems
Aeronautics Research At The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Do-It-Yourself Electronic Fligh Bags (EFBs)
Fixing The Sound Barrier: Sonic Boom Reduction Technology
Designing / Upgrading An Experimental Avionics Panel
Bolt On Horsepower For Your Aircraft
X-43A Mach 7 Flight
Boundry-Layer-Growth Suppression (BLG-S) & Drag Reduction
Dull, Dirty Or Dangerous? Send A UAV!
NASA's Vision For The Future Of Aviation
Get A Clue Before You Glue - Insights Into Practical Composites
Epoxy Resins - Do's & Don'ts
Composites 101
SR-71 Blackbird - An Engineering Marvel
Fabric Covered Aircraft Still Practical?
Computational Fluid Dynamics At NASA Today
Aircraft Woodwork and Glues
Understanding Solid State Attitude Indicators AHRS
Airspace System Of The Future
To Be Announced - NASA
Why Engines REALLY Quit: The Top 10 Reasons
Getting To Mars: The Mars Exploration Rovers
How To Get Started In Homebuilding
NASA's Personal Air Vehicles (PAV) Goals & Design Concepts
Avionics For Pennies.... Build It Yourself
Radio Installation and Troubleshooting
Introduction To Aerodynamics
How To Improve Safety Without Really Trying
Flight Testing Experimental Airplanes
NASA/FAA Revolutionary Vehicles Student Competition Presentations
Fixing The Sound Barrier: Sonic Boom Reduction Technology
Private Manned Space Program
Advanced Pre-Preg Composite Repair
Growing Up With The Modern Wright Brothers
Grassroots To Space
Experimental Aircraft Interiors
A Chat With The Rutan Brothers
Flying the U-2
Magic Dragon Aircar Project
X-43A Mach 7 Flight
Private Manned Space Program
The Use Of Honeycomb Panels On Aircraft
Low Cost Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft
Growing Up With The Modern Wright Brothers
SR-71 Mach 3+ Mission--From Start to Finish!
History Of Rocket Aircraft
NASA X Planes: Flight Research Update
Hydrogen / Electric and Other Future Aircraft Power
NASA Synthetic Vision Systems General Aviation Symbology Experiments
Aircraft Design With A PC
Introduction To Powered Parachuting
NASA's Personal Air Vehicles (PAV) Goals & Design Concepts
Straightening Damaged Parts
NASA B-52B Air Launch Mothership
Suborbital Rocketship Development
Composites 101
Test Flying The Worlds Fastest Airplanes
Protect Your Avionics Investment: Ask The Right Questions
Flying the U-2
How To Get Started In Homebuilding
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