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I believe most rocketers can secure a license if it were not for the storage
Since most rocketeers do not store all that many motors, why not develop a
storage box that can hold 50 pounds of solid motors. The box would need to
be fire rated and if motors did ignite the box would blow out from the top
such that
nothing lower than 6' could catch fire. FFFF and Pyrodex would not be
allowed. Since
there are options for deployment that do not need powder, this would be a
small price
to pay to be able to store motors in ones home..
I have used safes that are fire proof. You can burn a building down and the
are not damaged. Owners who can not secure a BATF permit can store can of
gasoline to power lawn mowers and propane for the barbecue. These two items
are bad
news in a fire. If we can purchase a storage device that would not blow in a
fire, then fire chiefs
would be less reluctant to give the okay, especially, if the storage box
could control
the escape of gases if ignited such that the container does not explode and
the gases and flames
burn up.
If a new type of storage box could be developed to do the above
and the BATF would modify their rules to include storage of this type of
container for only AP motors then we have a win win situation. The BATF gets
to issue more licenses which means a bigger bureaucracy, more agents, bigger
budget and maybe even bigger, shinier badges, nifty side arms with holsters
that glows in the dark, and hats that flash "I am important" to make the
agents fell
really significant, and rocketeer get to keep x pounds of motors in their
homes or garages.
We can count on BATF greed to help us here.
Just a thought.
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It's not a safety issue, its a regulation issue. And it's not the BATF, its the BATF, 50 states, and sagans of city, township, county et al regs. And it's all triggered by the BATFE list.
In IL you need a state explosives license to store big motors. This is more expensive than the federal license, requires a written and oral test (on stuff that has nothing to do with our materials), fingerprinting and background check by the state police, etc. No attached garage variances. I've got a 1 acre lot and couldn't store anything in that small a space: IIRC it would take a minimum of 8 acres just to have legal storage, assuming I didn't have my house any where on that lot.
Then there's my township fire department. I can currently get away with what I've got as long as it's for personal use only. The instant I stored anything for any one else, I'm shut down. Forget about having a business selling HPR motors.
Yet my basement and garage are FULL of things that would be much more dangerous in a fire than all my rocket motors. A single aerosol can is worse than ALL my rocket motors put together. But I can have all of those that I want.
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Bob Kaplow
Why are you posting this a second time? It's already been discussed, including the fact you left out -- that regardless of the style of "box", the real problem is the requirement for local AHJ approval to store "explosives".
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Why, I opened the wrong mail program and it was sent out automatically. One of these days I will have to consolidate the mail software I use.
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