Time to get your Rockethead Rockets Mylar parachutes.

If you need to re stock or just have been wanting to try Rockethead Rockets Mylar parachute this is the time. For the month of June we are offering 20% off from our Mylar parachutes. We also offer 2 shipping rates. These rates are good for as many parachute you order. The rates are $.90 for first class and $4.30 for priority shipping. To find out more information or to place a order go to

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I'd like to recommend Tom's parachutes for anyone interested in trying out mylar. The chutes are 8-sided, have Kevlar lines, are reinforced front & back where the lines are attached, & the knots have a spot of glue to keep them from coming undone. They also include a swivel. He advertises them from size 10"-24" in various colors.

They are quite inexpensive when compared to nylon & a number of different sizes could be kept in a range box, in case someone at a launch needs a chute.

I think if you'll take the time to order some, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality.

One thing I really appreciate is his 1st class shipping rate of $.90 for any number of chutes.

Also, he plans to produce some nylon chutes in the fall. Seeing the quality of his mylar chutes, the nylon ones should be of excellent quality.

Darian Rachal

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Darian Rachal

Count me in, too. I was doing some post-NSL maintenance last night, and finally got a good look at the 3 Rockethead chutes I have.

The glued knots, kevlar suspension lines and snap swivels all impressed me, too. I was struck by the top notch quality.


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