Rockethead Rockets has added New building components

Rockethead Rockets has added new building products to our line of products.
We have added 17" Body tubes. These body tubes are Kraft/Glassine with white
outer wrap. We have also added Motor tubes for 13mm,18mm and 24mm inn the
standard lengths and a long 24mm for the Estes E motors.
With in the next 3 weeks we are adding some thick wound paper centering
rings. These have been ordered and should be here in a couple weeks.
We still have in stock 34" body tubes, Rockethead Rockets Mylar parachutes,
Rockethead Rockets kits, The Squirrel Works kits, Art Applewhite kits and
Underdogs Rockets Crayon Rockets.
If you would like to place a order or find out more information on any of
our products go to
formatting link

Thank you
Tom Priest

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Tom Priest
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I believe 17" is the length, not the diameter. I got excited when I saw these a few weeks ago, but I wanted 17" diamter, not length. These are small diameter tubes for model rockets.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert

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