New products at Rockethead Rockets

We have added some great manufactures kits to our line of products in the
last month.
Our newest manufacturer is Rocketpad Kits. We have added a Upscale of a
classic kit. This kit is called the Mega dog. This kit is a 2.6" 3 18mm
We have also added the Rocketpad clone of the 1960's Astron Invader. Both
of these kit will be ready to ship on November 19th.
We have added the Underdog Rockets Crayon Rocket. This is a 29mm rocket kit
that uses a 4" diameter Crayon bank. This company is ran by a TARC team. By
buying this rocket not only you get a great rocket but you help support a
TARC team.
We have also added some of Art Applewhite rocket kits. These rockets are
rocket that will be a crowd pleaser and almost any launch.
The Squirrel has some great kits that we Have added to our line of products.
We also handle DMB clip whip for all of your clustering needs.
Of course we have our own line of great kits and our Mylar parachutes are
made with the highest quality materials available with quality our main
If you would like to purchase any of these manufactures other products we
can get them in for you.
If you would like any more information on these products go to
formatting link

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