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Got to thinking the other day about a toy I played with about 50+ years ago.

It was a small rocket into which you placed a cap ( from a roll of caps ) and threw it in the air. It landed with a big bang and then flew back in the air from the "explosion".

I just checked Ebay but the only ones I saw mentioned nothing about flying back up.

So if anyone remembers these things, I would like to know more about them. I just got the urge to have one.


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I remember the ones you threw to the ground and they went BANG and stayed on the ground. they were to heavy to fly back up.

They looked like a round bulbus nose, with skinny body and large arrow like fins. you put the cap in the nose and tossed it to the grond, bang it went. but it stayed on the ground.


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I remember the ones you threw and they landed on the ground and made a bang. I used up a bunch of my Dad's washers, bolts, and nuts making home-made versions.

There was another toy that I really loved. There was a long 1/4 in. white dowel rod. On the end (looking for all the world like a "peace pipe" to my 6 y/o mind) was a red wooden cylinder, about 1.5 in. in diameter. There was a hole in the side that the white dowel rod fit tightly into. On the top, there was a hole drilled down about 3/4ths of an inch, about 3/8 in. in diameter, with a metal cup at the bottom. You put caps in the little cup and then plugged the thing with a piece of wood that was blue. It had an extension, covered with a piece of metal, that fit down into the metal cup. There were feathers coming out of the blue wood piece.

Slamming the red piece on the ground caused the blue assembly (with feathers) to go flying up in the air when the caps exploded. The more of the paper you cut off the caps, the more you could cram into the little metal cup and the higher it would go. Recovery was "featherweight," although I suspect they were pushing the definition. Like anyone cared....

I'm sure they're forbidden now.


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Yep Zoot....I remember that one myself. As i was reading down your post, I kept thinking, "and it had feathers on it, right?" ;-) The other one that you threw in the air just came down and went bag. If seen quite a few models of those over the years. I don't remember any that "flew back up". I guess maybe if they hit just right.....


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I remember them well. The ones I had came in a pack of four I think and they were different colors (sort of clear plastic). There was a little steel pin that stuck out of the nose and was spring loaded. When it struck the ground it would hit the cap. We used to doble or triple up the caps for a bigger bang! Do they even sell caps any more...No Land Obscurity LOLOL

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The ones I had were made of pot metal and they did sort of come back off the ground. Of course I remember putting more than one cap in it to get it to do that. Some where I have one in my fathers garage that he wont let me have back but I can go visit. :o)

John Hornsby

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Or someone managed to cram far more caps in it than I ever did!

More Power!


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You can get caps here. They also have the cap bomb that I remember.

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