Clear BT-80 body tubes?

There's a project I'm thinking about that would be "improved" by having a clear payload section so the payload in visible. Is there such a thing out there in the diameter range of say an Estes BT-80, or there abouts?


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Zathras of the Great Machine
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they have some that are 2.610 " OD and 2.554" ID which is close enough for government work for a BT-80 that is 2.600"/ 2.558"... they come in 8.75"-24" in length ........ and you can even ask for a free sample !

shockie B)

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I've seen some clear and colored "fluorescent tube protector" tubing at TAP Plastics, but I don't know if it corresponds to any "rocket tube" size. (It fits over a standard "F40T12" size fluorescent lamp which is 1-1/2 in. OD.)

-dave w

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David Weinshenker

It's close to BT60, at least the stuff I used once (lonnnng ago) for a see through rocket was.

Mike D.

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Mike Dennett

go to

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and search for part number 2044T52.

Thant should be what you are looking for.


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