Discovery Channel Program Filming Today in IOWA!

Today I flew with Tripoli Quad Cities on a wonderfully sunny and low wind
day. I had a couple of nice flights and definitely had a great time.
Interestingly, both yesterday and today there was present at the launch the
crew producing the Discovery Channel's LDRS TV show. They were doing some
background type stuff on a member who has an incredible project for LDRS
(while it's no secret I don't want 'spill the beans' and say here what it
is - other than a whole lotta thrust in a whole lotta rocket.) These guys
filmed a number of flights today - including one of mine, but I'll bet I
won't make the cut for the final production.
Pete "who dropped a rocket into 7 foot tall corn and the film crew choose
not to follow me in to recover it even when offered the chance - - chickens"
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Pete Lilja
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There was a crew from Discovery/1st TV here last weekend in AZ.. They spent the day filming a "build session" for LDRS...
All I can say, is that if the film crew gets too bothersome at LDRS, throw pecans!
It'll be a 3 hour show, in 3, one hour parts. Did you have to sign a release? If not, who knows if it will be broadcast. Here, we all had to sign, with parents signing for their kids.
Check out for a few pics from the day (not many rockets, but Mike and Corrin are the 1st TV folks...)
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Woody Miller

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