Estes Tomcat 24mm?

Hi All,
Just wondered if anyome has modified the Estes Tomcat swing wing for 24 mm
for use with C-11's or maybe even D-12's ?
M Miller
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M Miller
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Yes - I worked there when it was being developed, and I whipped one up with a 24mm mount. Flew it on a D12, and though it boosted straight, it tore one of the wings off on the way up. That could be easily remedied by using light 3/16" for the wings and nicely airfoiling them (of course), or perhaps tissuing the stock wings. It also depends on the quality/density of the wood that you get with your particular kit. If it's on the light side, which of course is good for gliders, I'd be concerned.
I suppose you could also fabricate some form of acceptor at the rear of the fuselage for the wing tips, so that they were anchored against fluttering but could still swing free. I think that would work well.
Mike D CTI
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M Dennett
it's easier to modify it for say a D21 or a D13 reload.
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