Boost Glider Madness!

Hi all -

I think I've been bitten by the glider bug. With the recent success of a Guillow's "Folding Wing" balsa glider I modified for BG flights (plans will eventually be sent to Essence's Model Rocket site), I have been thinking over how to modify a large foam glider for use with rocket engines. A search on RMR turned up a few postings mentioning them but nothing really concrete. At this point, I am thinking the design would need to be of the swing-wing type to achieve maximum altitude and use a burn string to swing the wings forward. Has anyone ever tried this or anything similar with good results? I've got 2'- and

4.5'-wingspan gliders. The smaller one will probably use C engines and the larger one D and E's. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I've also been looking into a way to launch paper airplanes, paper helicopters, or Whitewings gliders as parasites on a rocket powered with AT engines. If anyone is interested, email me. I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, has anyone tried out the new Estes Hydrogen rocket? Looks kind of chintzy, but it is intriguing.


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working on collecting parts for a 4' wingspan rc boosted glider. I'd have had it built if I wasnt such a cheapskate regarding rc flight packs.

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tater schuld

Whitewings are interesting forms...

Their paper construction won't hold up well over time here so you may want to consider cloning their shape using 1/16 & even 1/32 balsa and dope to hold shape.

The problem I found with them is that those trimmed well would never come back.


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Andy Eng

I've had pretty good success with the white wing gliders. As for the material, I find that doping the actual white wing glider works quite well.

I have had some incredible flights with these things too. Here is a picture of one that took first place at a regional event (can't remember the time, it was years ago)...

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I've done several different gliders, each with their own custom pod. Some are great, some good, some not so good :)


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