R/C Glider Plans???

I would like to build a radio controlled glider, but the stores tell me that
"they" have stopped selling plans! "They" only make pre-made gliders that
you put together! The thing is.. I want to build it from plans on paper....
Does anyone have any info on where I can get some plans? like.. websites
where i can order them from?
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Check out the plans section of RC Modeler
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send me your e-mail, i have a few great glider plans that you also can put elect motors on
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Randall Robertson
Hello Welv
If you are (or know) someone how knows a little bit of german you can go under
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; Modellbau; Onlineshop. There you will be able to choose from hunderts of different gliderplans...
Greetings Andreas
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Andreas Ebneter
Hi there, Take a look at Traplet Ltd in England. Tehy sell among other things the best plans I ever got. regards, Christian
"Welv" escribió en el mensaje news:KoSdnfLU snipped-for-privacy@is.co.za...
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Try this one:
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Red S.
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Red Scholefield

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