external shock cord mount for BT-20 models

I'm putting together some tube fin kits for 4th graders (Fred, I'd buy
yours but I want the tubes white so the kids can color them). The
trickiest part I think will be attaching the internal shock cord.
What easy ways are there to do this externally (not down low by the
fins but about where it would be if internal)?. Assuming a small hole
in BT, is there a simple, more elegant/less ugly way than tying cord
to a short piece of toothpick and gluing, or using the old double-slit
Estes method? TIA - BTS
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I have white tubes I could make 1" tube fin kits with.
Dual slot method?
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Jerry Irvine
estes used to use this for shock cords, you cut two slits into body tube, pass shock cord inside tube to first slit, then out that slit and back into next slit which has shock cord back into tube, i think it was then tied and glue was spread on in and out side of tube over shock cord, Le
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Hi all, A simple way would be to tie a piece of Kevlar (#@(#__ trademark) to the thrust ring or forward centering ring. It will surely survive long enough for a number of flights. Makes it really easy (a la normal Quest kits or Doug Pratt's).
Fly straight and true!
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Jerry Irvine
External mount is usually polyester or Kevlar cord epoxied to a fin root. You tie the shock cord to the end of this anchor cord and then tie the shock cord to the nose.
The kids have no problem coloring the brown tubes with markers or using stickers. They go nuts for stickers.
-Fred Shecter
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Fred Shecter
It can be set to balance at the ejected CG with a string around the body and string at that point. Tape the string in place so it does not slip. Tape is not strong enough for ejection event and the string around is needed.
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Jerry Irvine
OMG!! Jerry never heard of this?
I do it all the time. It makes a great last minute field repair as well. I usually wrap some tape arount the BT after I mount it.
FYI a good kit to use for kids is the Estes "Generic E2X" which is a simple plastic finned rocket (uses the square fincan that the skywriter uses) and all white parts. Great for coloring. They come in 12 paks for about 8 bucks each. I usually assemble the mmt, glue the lug and the shock cord to the BT ahead of time so all the kids have to do is assemble the BT to the fincan and the mmt, and tie the nose cone to the SC. This allows 10 or more cub scouts to get 'em done in one meeting.
If you have Older kids or more time then the Custom Razor is a good kit, but they are all glossy yellow, so there is not much variety in the designs. If Custom made an all white version in multi paks then they would be perfect.
-Chr$ NAR 79536 L1
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I was SUGGESTING the dual slot method and LeRoy was generous enough to describe it well for newbies.
It was common on rocket class rockets. Viking IIRC. I am pretty sure I personally bought 5000 of those.
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Jerry Irvine
stickers. They go
I thought it was cuckoo for Coco Puffs.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith

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