Extreme BP - Update / What are you bringing?

We have some rain in the Dallas-Fort Worth Mertroplex, but the launch is still on as of this morning (Wed, Oct 25). It will be held at our Windom field this weekend, Oct 28-29. Go to the DARS site for maps/directions:

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I've had a few discussions with contestants, but would like to know what others are bringing to the contest. Right now, I have two clustered stagers and one 9-motor cluster that should all score in the 100 point range.

(My participation will not be competitive - I'll take no prizes. I'm just in it for the fun.)

Speaking of prizes, 1st place is a Madcow 2.6" Buzzie.

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This is one of the most complete kits I've ever seen. Besides laser cut fins and fin slots, it includes a kevlar shock cord and a nomex chute protector. It has a 29mm motor mount and, for the purists, it comes with balsa nose and tailcones.

The remaining prizes will be picked from a selection of 18mm and 24mm cluster mounts courtesy of

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Scoring: The rules are included in the flier:

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The scoring system is broken down there as well.

Here are a couple of examples:


1st stage: 3xB6-0 + 1xD12-0 -> 3x12 + 1x16 = 52 points 2nd stage: C11-0 -> 1.5 x 14 = 21 pts (2nd stage motors count 1.5x) 3rd stage: D12-7 -> 2 x 16 = 32 pts (3rd stage motors count 2x) Total -> 105 pts

Super Better Bertha:

4xC6-7 + 4xA10-PT + 1xD12-0 -> 4x14 + 4x10 + 1x16 = 112 pts

This is a fun event. Get out your old stagers and clusters and have some fun with us. And check the DARS website for weather updates.

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At the DARS October 28 & 29 Shoot for the Stars launch, we'll be > conducting a contest called Extreme BP. This is for black powder motors > in staged and clustered configurations. Basically, how many motors can > you put in a rocket? The more motors you light, the more points you > score, with 2nd and 3rd stage motors getting extra points. > > First prize is a Madcow Rocketry Buzzie . This is a really kewl 2.6" > kit with a 29mm motor mount. >
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> Second and third place finishers will get to pick from a selection of > cluster motor mounts courtesy of
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. These will come in > handy for next year's contest :) > > This is a fun event. You don't have to be a Big Time Competitor (BTC), > just bring your old Comanches and Rangers and have some fun. Rules > here:
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> Other events at Shoot for the Stars include: > > o Goblin Spot Landing > o Cookout / Bar-B-Q > o Pumpkin Lofting (High Power event) > o Trick-or-Treat for the kids > o Sport flying - Model Rocket and High Power - for everyone > > Hope you can make it. And support our sponsors. > > For more information, visit
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