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What's the difference between FlisKits 'Night Whisper' and 'FarScape'?

Just something I noticed different inbetween the online stuff and the downloadable .pdf catalog.

Is there a difference?

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Or is it something obvious like one has one engine and the other has six.

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I believe it's because the producers of the S/F series "FarScape" had their lawyers write a little letter to FlisKits objecting to their using the name "FarScape". As far as I know, it is merely a name change, and no other changes.

Roy nar12605

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Roy Green

Roy got it right.

The only difference between the two kits (FarScape and Night Whisper) is the name. In the future we will update the decals to reflect this name change, but for now the *only* difference is the name of the kit...


Roy Green wrote:

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Ask the lawyers...

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Bob Kaplow

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