HPR vs. LPR vs. EX vs. Estes Class vs. Reality...

I was actually interested getting involved in the HPR community here,
since I rather enjoyed Estes Class and LPR when I was younger. I have
been doing a major amount of reading through the various by-laws,
regs, and resource pages available to the general public about HPR.
I've become familiar with the SP-8XXX, and relevant TR/TM/TP series
documents. I've even gone so far as trying to understand the 'Orange
Book'. I did this just so I wouldn't ask stupid questions here. Just
so I could be able to contribute to the community as a whole by
passing on what I have learned. I no longer have that concern. I have
no more interest in getting involved here. I can accomplish more by
working within the forum established near my home. Perhaps a few of
you understand what a community is like. It's a group of people
interested in advancing their skills, teaching others, and enjoying
what they do. The last heated discussion they had was over the best
igniter design for a multi-port nitrous-oxide HTPB/wax boost/sustainer
phase motor and if it was necessary include a gaseous oxygen and
butane "pre-ignition" cycle to make it work.
I just wish to say thanks to all of you out there. I truly want to
thank those who actually contributed knowledge to the discussions on
this board. If you are one of those people, please skip the following
I especially need to thank those of you who so adamantly insist that
everyone is wrong and that you alone are right. I wish to thank you
for convincing me of the errors of my ways in expecting to find a
group of similarly minded people here. The sheer stupidity and
stubborness displayed by your exemplarily childish behavior has
convinced me that there is no such thing as a community here. You are
just a bunch of over-grown children who are jealously defending their
self-appointed 'right' to belittle everyone who disagrees with them.

I agree that the BATF/FAA/TRA/NAR situation is a mess and hopefully I
can be a part of the group that solves it. I do know the group that
solves it will not come from this newsgroup. Instead of spending all
your time belittling, back-biting, name-calling, and being insulting
to everyone who asks questions about it, why aren't you working to fix
Good-bye and good riddance.
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Erik Larsen
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Erik, Thank you for pointing these things out! And to those that are of this nature you know who you are and trust me you are NOT annoited from the Almighty no matter what you may think. I too am looking for a simple straight forward community/friendly group to share ideas with and a launch or several. But as Erik pointed out sometimes this does not seem to be the place.
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LOL I here a 12 year old troll. Looking for the quick route to what he wants. Cry to your parents all you want, you still have to deal with the government. Wade through the regulations and you will find that you too are not immune.
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Robert DeHate
I agree. When most people decide a particular online "community" isn't right for them, they leave. But Erik couldn't do that without at least belittling and insulting us first. As overly judgemental as you seem to be, I hope your next community pleases you more than we could.
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Sean Meese

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