[HSA] Terrorist Threats arrest

A kid who made crank 911 calls is being charged with the crime of
terrorist threats.
This of course is in California in San Bernardino County.
All that speculation that hapened last month about the HSA and PA1 and
PA2 and fear mongering has COME TO PASS.
The kid is a minor, but how much do you want to bet he is "tried as an
adult" too?
Freedom is dead. The police own us.
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Jerry Irvine
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Jerry, you're not giving the full story, are you? You're not even giving a quarter of the story.
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"Some calls merely taunted dispatchers, and others contained obscene language and death threats aimed at dispatchers and their families, Low said. The teen also made false injury reports, including a 911 call in which he posed as a person with a broken leg, the officer said."
Death threats against the dispatchers? That's a terroristic threat in the sense that has nothing to do with HSA. That's what they'd have called it long before 9/11. Calling in false calls endangers EMS workers. 500 phone calls ties up 911 operators. To get him to stop required quite a bit of work by the police. This wasn't Bart Simpson calling Moe's Tavern and asking for Amanda Huginkiss.
The kid's 16. He's old enough to know better. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. I'm not thrilled about kids being tried as an adult, but this kid would make a fine example to all the others out there thinking death threats to 911 is funny.
This had nothing to do with the Patriot Act.
And you, Jerry, either don't know what you are talking about, are deliberately misrepresenting the evidence for your own purpose, or both.
I'm beginning to suspect a pattern.
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snipped, the Real Story........
This should be...... Oh, I just checked. It already is in the FAQ.
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Great! Now I have to clean my keyboard AND my screen! I should know better than to drink coffee while reading RMR :-p
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Alex Mericas
At least there aren't any "nose blown" breakfast chunks to clean up. Try getting donut remnants out of your sinuses!
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Dave Grayvis
Dave Grayvis wrote in news:gQuUb.3902$9s5.2448 @newssvr31.news.prodigy.com:
You need to install one of those steel mesh baffles...
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Leonard Fehskens
:) I put my coffee down before reading the last post.
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Dave Grayvis
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I suspect the criminal complaint will be the final answer. Whether they rely on the "old criminal" statutes or the "new HSA statutes".
We shall see but the hysteria is intense for terrorism around here in CA and the nearest terrorist act was NYC in 9-2001.
What I was exposed to was a TV news report so it was necessarily brief and incomplete.
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Jerry Irvine

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