HSA to shutdown model rocketry?

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read the LAST paragraph.....

"A provision deep within the regulations of the new Homeland Security Act is threatening to shut down the popular hobby of model rocketry because the propellant used to make the rocket's solid-fueled motors is now classified as explosive material."

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The media always gets that part wrong. HSA/SEA does NOTclassify rocket propellent or anything else as explosive. Only the ATF does that, and it's nothing new. All the HSA/SEA does is extend the ATF's authority to (unconstitutionally) include intrastate transactions.

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threatening to shut down the popular hobby of model

is now classified as explosive material."


Jesus. The whole article was major FUD. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was on 11.


PS: We better get RC people on board with us big time. Not "Yea, we're on your side" BS either. Money and letters... money and letters!!!


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Here's my take. The problem is not the rockets. The "terror" come from what is delivered. Bio powder? That's what's scary. Cesium? Same thing. The rocket, UAV, or truck for that matter are not particularly that scary. I imagine vans, suicide belts, and airplanes are selected because they are inconspicuous. I don't imagine that anyone thinks twice when a small plane flies overhead, or a van pulls up next to them.

Why add all the risk of non-performing motors, electronics, or UAVs? Simply dispense your "scary" item from a small plane, van or truck. Much simpler, less risky, far less conspicuous.

Rockets, while certainly possible, present more risk without delivering significantly more terror.

IMO anyway.

is threatening to shut down the popular hobby of model

motors is now classified as explosive material."

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Rick Polzello

True. And added the requirement for fingerprinting+photograph, and expanded the definition of "prohibited persons". There is nothing about the form, function, or ingredients. Nor is there anything about weight limits. Most people got their FUD from ARSA on this subject. Including the media. And some were pissed when they got the facts after publishing their story.

Now if we could only get Schumer pissed after getting the facts that were twisted by the DOJ/BATFE.


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John DeMar

"Rick Polzello" wrote in news:sQjWa.29636$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread1.prod.itd.earthlink.net:

True, but they're easy targets for regulation, and you can make up scary scenarios that make it look you're doing something to protect the citizenry. It isn't about effectiveness, it's about appearances.


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Leonard Fehskens

I agree, guys. The problem is, you are making sense, and politicians deal in senseless hysteria. They are taking a popular fear and twisting it to fit their own agenda. Which is NOT to protect the public and to preserve liberty, but to get re-elected and retain power.

We can try to educate the masses until Judgement Day. The masses are, unfortunately, ignorant and proud of it.

Bill Sullivan

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The Rocket Scientist

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