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We've set up an on-line photo gallery for NARAM45 at

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that we would like to invite all photographers who are attending NARAM to post their pictures to. I was kind of hoping that we could built a visual record of the event so that all NARAM attendees could share their memories.

It's easy and fast to upload pictures. You just need an internet connection and user login. (To get the login, send email to 'crs at'.) If you would like help uploading or want to avoid the headache, look us up at NARAM and we can do the uploading for you.

BTW, you don't need a login to view the gallery and there are a few nifty features that might appeal to folks:

  • Pictures will have titles and descriptions (where available)
  • Viewers can add their comments to the pictures. So, if you're the subject (or victim) of a picture, you can post your perspective (or explanation.)
  • The pictures can be viewed individually, in albums or as slideshows.
  • Pictures can be printed by Shutterfly.

Obviously, the real content will be posted starting on Sunday. (No, I didn't use Chad's picture to suck up to him. It was the only shot I could find of someone related to NARAM. :*)

Thanks, Craig

crs at

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