HSA vs. Rocketry: Amendment to my Previous Post

Hi again Folks:
In my post titled "HSA vs. Rocketry: A Saving Plan?", I referred to motors
manufactured to a highly accurate total impulse as "mil.-spec.". Since
public perception makes or breaks a politician's career, and since the term,
"military", ellicite's fear in the minds of many citizens, I'd like to amend
my suggestion, and change the word, "mil.-spec.", to "pro.-spec." "Pro."
would stand for "professional", a less inflammatory word.
In negotiations with the government, for the "pro.-spec." motors we could
agree to most of the limitations that they now want to impose. That is,
fingerprinting, special permit, etc. But ONLY with the negotiated
understanding that a NEW class of motors would be created called "am.-spec."
with the characteristics that I've described in my previous post. For the
purpose of events like altitude competitions, amateurs would still have
access to the "pro.-spec." motors if they were willing to participate in the
permitting formalities.
Finally, because most homemade motors, and ALL cardboard-cased black powder
motors are, by their very nature inaccurate, these motors would all fit
within the "am.-spec." classification.
Dave Sleeter/Teleflite Corp.
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David Sleeter
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you make a nice EX book.
how ever, an ex experimenter suggesting com manufacts should make their product more , err, erratic, leads one to wonder about motive.
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