Things haven't changed very much here in the last few years . . .

I used to be a regular on rmr a few years back, and finally left
'cause I couldn't stand the bullshit any more (and because I had
better things to do with my time).
I came back to rmr a couple of days ago to see what was happening, and
it's pretty much what it used to be, only there's even less useful or
technical content. On the other hand, that's quite a thread on
eliminating your debt without actually paying it -- all three
zillion messages of it.
The thing that is both most surprising *and* least surprising is that
Jerry Irvine is still here, still posting feverishly, and still not
making sense most of the time. At least he's not trying to sell me an
rmr tshirt. I'm becoming convinced that it isn't really Jerry making
all those posts. I can't imagine why anyone, even Jerry, would keep
this effort up for so long. I think it's really a computer program
making the posts. Using (poorly written) Artificial Intelligence
algorithms, it spouts various allegations and non sequitors and posts
them semi-randomly.
BTW - What ever happened to
* John Cato
Bob Kaplow (though I've met Bob in person since I was last here)
* that guy in Texas who said (over and over) that if you didn't fly
high-thrust minimum-diameter rockets to unbelieveable altitudes, then
you weren't a real man
Chris forgot-his-last name (might have been Taylor?), the guy who
knew everything about everything and loved to 'help' us all. Used to
talk about four-wheeling with his jeep, too.
Anyway -
Hi to all of you still here, friends and non-friends alike. I'll
stick around a few days, but then I'll probably go away and won't
bother you here on rmr for another 4 or 5 years. Maybe I'll see you
at a launch this summer.
// Alan Holmes
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Hello Alan,
(Alan) wrote:
Seems like Yahoo Groups has skimmed off alot of the SIG discussions. All of the scale discussions have moved there. Really miss the Peter Alway posts, especially his dissertation on why the pointy end of the rocket goes up. The Contest Fliers also left for Yahoo Land--Don't miss their Pink Book and Certified Motor arguments but do miss their building tips. The Amature/EX folks took all of their stuff off here and went elsewhere. and I know of at least four different HPR groups. Not to mention ROL... Seems like each club has one or two groups and from what I've seen, is where most of technical discussions are held. Sort of a shame though because folks aren't getting as either as good of an answer or answers from limited sources compared to what used to be passed around here.
Somebody did offer to spin off a couple RMR subgroups but folks compained about the possible dilution of RMR. Guess the dilution happened anyway...
Would that be Stu Barrett? After he returned from the Pacific Northwest, he landed in Austin and still doing TAP stuff... Remember the flames he got when he offered advice on retrieving a tree'd rocket using a shotgun? :-)
Last big project he was absorbed in was Grrrrrr.... A humungous glider on a little bitty H motor. Nobody since Astron Mike has really been able to regularly pull off large motor glider flights.
You missed *the* longest thread going on with Chris versus Everybody on the aspects of "Infinite Digital's Superiority Over Limited Analog".
Chris was able to move on when a fellow by the name of Tai Fu stepped in and assumed the role of Supreme Newbie. You probably missed the Tai Fu meets Neil "Dancing Baby" Tarasoff series. Neil was a hoot also...
Let's see... Bob Fortune's still out on the left coast, bought out Jim Colburn's (?) business and was busy with ARLISS stuff last I heard. He still sends along wacky e-mails on occassion...
Chuck from "The Launch Pad" has slowed down a bit after several accidents at the farm.
I last heard Sue McMurray was happily teaching chemistry to high school students?
The Vaughn Brothers have dissappeared but the Gate Brothers pop in from time to time. LOL... The last post I remember from the VB's was about staging B2 motors. Wonder if we'll ever hear of the GB's staging Estes BP?!?!?
Pete Olivola has gone to into sailboat racing with his kids.
IIRC, you always were into larger projects...
Regards, Andy
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Andy Eng
I hadn't heard that! That rocks. I hope her students realize how lucky they are.
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Ted Cochran
That's the name... Met him at the Rocket Ranch once. What a hoot...
Bill had a team building a test stand for a hybrid motor of his. IIRC, it was about 5-6 foot long and a foot in diameter filled with gooey asphalt like stuff.
The let me operate a shovel... :-)
Neat bunch.
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Andy Eng
Exactly. Besides Yahoo and ROL, there's TRF, too. Personally, I find Yahoo easier to read (thru the browser) than the others, but I wish all three had news reader access options. It's so nice to sort the posts by thread, date or subject. Plus, it seems like every post on the browser based forums has 50K bytes of needless overhead crap (lots of font callouts, etc, that are not necessary in a text based environment) that really slow things down on a dial up connection.
But these other groups are moderated, and while I'm philosophically opposed to it, it does keep the trash out...
JI wanted to play, but none of us could stand the sonufab**** when we were on rmr, so we told him to stick it!
And you are there....
formatting link
See you at NSL?
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Doug Sams
Still shocking as ever...
Dunno yet... Schedule's up in the air...
Haven't built a model rocket in over two years now -- Been into recording of live music on my 8 track recorders, both tape and digital. Digital work using 24 and mostly 16 bit, 44.1KHz btw... No permit was required! :-)
May come out to watch.
Andy - Rythmn player - Sophmore Recording Producer - Freshman Soundboard Operator - Unwittingly Volunteered Audio Equipment Manager
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Andy Eng

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