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SW has a pretty decent set of stock hotkeys (you can look at a list of them at

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The site has been nice enough to put them together into a pdf that you can print up and hang on your wall). The thing about hot keys is that you have to force yourself to use them or they might as well not exist.

I've known about the 'previous view' command for years, but never really used it. A trip to my swxjrnl file recently made me aware of just how much time I spend rotating and zooming parts in the work window. Observing myself work taught me that a lot of that view manipulation was zooming in tight, rotating the view a little so I could pick something, then going through a convoluted process to get back to the original, tight view.

Of course CTRL+SHIFT+Z will return to the previous view, so I've made a concerted effort to force myself to use it. And I'm glad I did - I must hit it a hundred times a day.

The other view command that I use dozens of times a day is SHIFT+arrow keys for rotating the model 90 deg. Boy that one is handy (when a 'normal to' comes in the wrong direction or orientation, etc).

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As was pointed out in another tip today, you can ctrl+select another face to control the orientation of the normal view. Still, it's not help when you get the wrong side of a plane.

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Thanks for the link!

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