Launch Report

What a great day in the neighborhood - actually an hour's drive out of town to the launch site.

3 x D12-0 cluster - Art Applewhite 10" saucer

3 x D12-3 cluster - Fliskit Richter Recker

B6-2 - Estes Bullpup (my son's) (and a second launch of the same)

D12-3 - Estes Pathfinder (my son's)

2 x C6-5 cluster - Fliskit Deuce's Wild

and last but presumably not least:

Ellis Mountain H50 in the Applewhite saucer to complete L1 certification.

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bit eimer
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Congrats! You might wanna update your signiture now ;-)

Rob House UKRA 1258 - Level 2

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Rob House

Congrats on L1

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That sounds great! If you haven't seen Tom Binford's upscale Deuce's Wild look here:

formatting link

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Might I add my congratulations as well. And hopefully 2 more?

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Benjamin Chapman

As the Skybusters shout when there's a successful certification: "MO' MONEY! MO' MONEY!!" ;-) Congrats! What kind of saucer are you going to use for your level two!


bit eimer wrote:

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Zathras of the Great Machine

Well, just had a look around and there is an EM SU motor in the Level 2 range (J228) that would fit in the 38mm mount. It would only stick 18 inches out the top! Now its got 4 1/2 times the thrust of the H50 I just used, so I have to wonder is my poor little saucer would take it.

Maybe I'll be able to find some plans for a big saucer somewhere.

Wait, what am I saying?! The only reason I got this stupid L1 was to do G clusters!!! Arghh, is that a sucking sound I hear?!

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bit eimer

Yes, it is.

and now you are being reeled in !

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