launch report and a few questions

Had a pretty decent day thursday and went flying. We finally flew my wife's
Custom Landviper, a three motor cluster. It had been 15 years since I flew my
homemade two D model. The first flight went of great with b6-4. She wanted to
go again so we used c6-5 (it was nice to gets these a buck a pack on clearence
last week) Only two motors fired it and the plug on the third motor was in so
good it took the clips for ride. Had that motor fired we would have lost it.
The nose on my Skywinder came off so the blades did not deploy.
Did any Estes read ejection model work? My sizzler failed two years ago. I
finally tried the Gemini Dc and it pranged too.
My Max Trax ejected pretty low, and I got no reading. Is there a required
minimum alitude? I think I put a b4-2 in it and it weather cocked really good.
That queen amidala ship flies better than you'd think.
I hooked my Stormcaster on power line on its first flight.
\ My Red Max is up to 22 flights. One day I will run out b8's
My bt 50 scaled down sentinal always flie flawlessly on A10's I scaled up to
bt 80 too but the dog broke a fin before I got it in the car.

My ARAAM had been blowing out the body tube at the second set of fins I think
that is what happend it pranged into nearby woods and I did not find it. I'm
not so sure the though the wall works they well when exposed to ejection gases.
The strange thing was the last flight. My Navy Seahawk with D12-3 did a quick
turn over my head right near the top of the rod and landed about about fourty
feet behind me. The wife and kids all know to wait for ejection. It was fine,
but wierd. I expect a bad motor. I picked up a bunch of those two paks on
clearence. I hope the lot is not bad. The rest have been fine so far. Have
any of you had bad ones?
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