Letters of concern viz. atf

Could someone repeat who and where to write the letter of concern for the atf motor issue. I know that the physical snail mail must be in Washington by November

9th 2006.


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All the information required is in the NPRM:

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snipped-for-privacy@junglevisi> Could someone repeat who and where to write the letter of concern for

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David Schultz

Public comments are due not later than November 9, 2006, and must be delivered in writing to:

James P. Ficaretta, Program Manager Room 5250 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives P.O. Box 50221 Washington, DC 20091-0221


Written comments must include your mailing address and be signed, and may be of any length.


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Bruce Canino

IIRC last time there were both FAX and email alternatives ofr delivering responses. Are those still available?

And is the MAILING date, i.e. postmark 11/9 or does it have to be DELIVERED by 11/9.

Finally, is there some significance to 11/9 vs 9/11...

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Bob Kaplow

I suspect _delivered_. Remember, they don't want comments. Only compliance.

sadly, it appears so.

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Glen Overby

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