Level 2 cert.

I was just wondering about the test for level 2. I have seen the
Tripoli level 2 test online and also the NAR veresion. If you are a
member of the NAR, can you take the Tripoli version of the test, or do
you have to go by which organization you are a part of?
Thanks a lot,
Tom Sak
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You need to take the test of the Organization you belong to. If you are NAR, you have to take the NAR test, or vice versa. However, if you are a member of both, you can take either, providing the one giving you the test is a member of the organization, who's test you are taking. IE, someone that is NAR, cannot give a Tripoli test if he is not a member, even if you are.
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Do you still have to be L2 to be a prefect?
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Bob Kaplow
Tripoli member and attained certification level 2.
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