Long time, no RMR

So, I've been gone for about 6 months. I'm sure nobody missed me, but I can certainly say that my life has been less stressful without RMR.

What's been going on? What are the odds of getting a reprieve from regulation in the Fall? Did the mosaic ever reveal itself? And is Jerry gone for good?

-- David

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Not much, how about you??

Vegas bookies don't usually worry about us. I'd have to say that it's a smart move to 'offer' burn rates for APCP (and other common items) since the BATFE continues delaying this case, and will obviously skew the results. I've made another donation recently to the legal fund, recommend others do so as well..

It turned out that it was only part of the build-up for 'The DaVinci Code'. Unfortunately, the key to the mosaic ended up on the cutting-room floor...

Who can say??? Just be thankful you missed the whole Brad Guth episode....

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White

I, like you, took a reprieve for awhile, and came back about 2 months ago. The traffic has definitely decreased. I haven't seen Jerry post in awhile... only a few imposters trying to stir somethin'.

But many familiar faces... er... posters... are still posting...

Phil Fred Ray Kaplow lunarlos Woody Bowles Alex ArtU Ted Gordon Kevin Grayvis Mark Kurt Tim Erbas-White Tater

... *sigh*... and many other long-time fixtures here are still posting... albeit much less.

Please don't get offended if I missed someone who feels important... I am just tired of typing... or I ran out of memory, whichever came first...

I recently rejoined the local club also. Good to see familiar faces there too. Unfortunately, not too many new ones... I think I will pick up my old plans to get my L1 with the club, make it official and all.

Right now the "big" *discussion* is on the implications of the joint NAR/TRA Active Recovery definition. There's some warmth here and there, but no

*real* flame war... yet.

Welcome back!

~ Duane Phillips.

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Duane Phillips

Arrrggghh!! You mentioned ikts name, and the bot will find it and start all that crap over again!

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Which bot, the jxxxx bot or the bxxx bot?

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Dave Grayvis

Things seem a lot more civil than in the past.

We're all hoping that the ATF get smacked down and that the judge uses facts and some logic to make his descision. Next court date is October 20 something - maybe 26th? From what we are hearing from our people, it sounds promising.

The mosaic never revealed itself - at least to me.

Welcome back


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Phil Stein

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