manned space program, done by modelers?

First, I aint gonna listen to your opinions cause I got one of my own. I mainly wanna see how many pitchforks and torches arise from this topic.

OK, I've been looking at bigger rockets. say a 80" diameter about 25 foot long. still aint sure what to run in it.

Historians (quilly) might recognize these dimensions as being darn close to the Project mercury Little Joe. which was an 8 engine solid rocket cluster, not steering and no guidance. designed to test the Max Q of the mercury capsule and the abort rockets that were never used. Further history shows that a Manned flight was planned, but canceled (details anyone?)

So, we got a 30+ year old rocket that never has been fully utilized by NASA, looks like it could easily be built from junkyard parts OR updated to use composite airframe and such to make it lighter.

And it is a single seater. tested, plans available ( I think, Quilly knows better)

anyone besides me wanna ride?

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tater schuld
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The down part won't kill you, it's the sudden stop at the end...

Mario Perdue NAR #22012 Sr. L2 for email drop the planet

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"X-ray-Delta-One, this is Mission Control, two-one-five-six, transmission concluded."

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Mario Perdue

looks like it could easily be built from junkyard parts OR updated to use composite airframe and such to make it lighter.

What?! And miss a chance to upstage Shatner? Where do I sign up?! :-) In truth I would consider the chance, were it there, since even the future Virgin Galactic flights are well beyond my wallet. On a lark once I slapped some (very) rough figures into an on-line altitude program for a "manned capsule" using 3 N motors (biggest in the program). It spit out 1/2 mile and 15G's. For the true believer that's likely too little of the first and way too much of the later. But it let me know something like that is possible within the bounds of amatuer rocketry. That's all it takes to start a dream into motion sometimes. It's the dreamers that will inherit the earth, the meek will continue to settle for pre-chewed, pre-digested cud. Or as I tell my fellow trek fans: "We're supposed to be looking up at the stars, not down Troy's clevage!"

I almost wrote a story concerning that sim's info that dealt with someone doing a manned flight using commercial amatuer motors. On one level it would've been a "don't try this at home, you Darwin Awards hopefuls" while still opening the reader to something within their reach.


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Zathras of the Great Machine

It's not the down part as much as it is the sudden stop at the end...

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To be precise, it's the sudden transition between media of vastly different viscosity...

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Otherwise known as the "tomato effect"

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Dave Grayvis

Yup. Lithospheric friction's a bitch.

- Rick "Trans-Lithospheric Explorations, Inc." Dickinson

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