oh WHY do I beat myself up like this

Got an invitation to join a yahoo group (name withheld) that supposedly
dealt with space.
Turned out it was more like "polititians and wannabes who want to talk about
funding and support for NASA"
Sigh. I figgured these guys would at least have some sense in their heads,
till I started reading their posts.
heavy lift vehicles
shuttle tanks converted to man rated vehicles
space elevators
still to abitious to stop myself, I went and replied, asking what their
credentials, experiance, prototypes, or ANYTHING that could give them
you gotta love one of their answers
"If you have an "issue" with individuals on the Forum, please do not take a
"Shotgun Approach" and simply start firing in all directions . . . This is
NOT an "RMR" Forum "
Great, So I ask them to prove their credibility and get tagged as a Jerry
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tater schuld
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Great....just great.......now I have MGD all over my primo 19" monitor via my nose.
Could've been worse. Could've been Guiness :)
Ted 'thank god I went cheap this week' Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
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the notorious t-e-d

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