Why can't I get deals like this?

We have a local hobby store in town here. Most of the time the place is a
mess, it seems to be one of those places that buys out inventory of closed
stores and damaged products. Imagine a classic used book store with books
stacked all over the place. Now imagine those books are hobby items- trains,
plastic models, R/C stuff, etc. Personally, I find it hard to locate
anything in there, but as one of my friends says, "Sometimes, they just
don't know what they've got."
Case in point. Same friend was in there the other week. Notices a few new HO
locomotives just arrived on the counter. He asks the proprietor about one in
particular, and how much he wants for it. "A hundred," is the response. My
friend thinks about it for a little bit, and goes back later to get it. The
only thing missing is the box--apparently it got damaged in shipping--but
after a close inspection and track test, he's satisfied that everything
works properly. For $100, he got a brand new Lionel HO UP Veranda Gas
So far the best I've managed to find there was a Dragon Wings die cast 747
model. Normally retails for about $35, went to the counter and asked "How
much?" The response was, "Uhh, what is this, a puzzle? How about ten bucks?"
Ok, thus ends the lament. Thanks for bearing with me.
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