Why Aren't There More Figures Like This?

for around 50 years we have been stuck with pilots sitting in the
cockpit, staring straight ahead with their arms firmly fused to their
As 1/32 is the common scale for large scale planes, ignoring this
niche makes no sense. The figure poses, etc are endless, Flight
crews, pilots waiving, injured, climbing in/out, walkaround, etc....
Wassup with this?
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Nice but a little expensive. That's about $30 with freight for a 1/32 pilot figure (:<
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Count DeMoney
> Nice but a little expensive. That's about $30 with freight for a 1/32 > pilot figure (:
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I still have a small supply of 1/32 scale seated USN WWII pilot figures. These are cast metal figures done for IPMS Golden Gate as a fundraiser by master figure modeler Terry Worster. They go for $5 plus $2 postage/packaging (ie it covers the postage and my trip/time in the line at the post office).
Anyone interested please drop me a line. The price is but a fraction of the value and a small fund to get the chapter going again will help.
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Don't forget the incredible series of 1/48th scale aircrew figures, sculpted by that Grand-Master Mike Good (perhaps the finest sculptor in the hobby):
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You can not see it in the photos...but on Mike's WWI German figures...the tri-color cockades on the caps, are actually painted in "tri-colors," with each colored "ring" shaded and highlighted.
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Greg Heilers
Didn't Preiser do a series of Luftwaffe pilots and flightcrew/ mechanics in various scales? I know that they were available in 1:72 and (I think) 1:48, but I seem to remember seeing some in 1:32 and 1:24 as well.
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The Old Man
I'd like to see more seated figures in 1/72. I build my models "wheels up" and hang them from the ceiling, so seated figures are essential to my projects. The Monogram A-10, F-105, Tornado, and F-4 figures from the '80s are outstanding. Hasegawa, Fujimi, Airfix, and others also make some good seated figures from all eras. I wish they would sell sets of 10 -20 seated figures.
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Modeler ET
On the other hand, my experience of military aircraft is that they spend most of their time sat on the deck, canopies and panels open, flaps and airbrakes drooping - usually with a crowd of blokes stood round it scratching their heads and muttering "Wot the bluddy hell is wrong wiv it *now* ?"
So that's how I build 'em. :-)
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Enzo Matrix
I read one book which cited the Mono A-10 pilot figure as being in perfect proportion to a real suited-up pilot--to be used as the standard for others, or sizing up a seat.
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