Horological: Dead beat escapement

Any references for layout and construction of dead beat escapements? I have
Gazeley/Penman/Rawlings/Britten's books etc but they all seem to be located
in the 19th century and depend upon graphic designs rather than by
computations and rectangular coordinates. I've built several dead beat
movements and they are working well, but still looking for perfection. Any
words of wisdom will be happily received. Thanks, Dave Anderson
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David Anderson
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I'd also run this by the folks in:
Good Luck!
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Greetings and Salutations...
You might want to check out the "Amateur Telescope Making" books, edited by Ingalls. One of the volumes (#3, I *think*) has extensive information on building clock movements of varying levels of accuracy. Regards Dave Mundt
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Dave Mundt

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