dead welder

switch and the overheat breaker , not much else to go wrong in their but
the control board . I've also checked the cord for continuity . Today
while troubleshooting I plugged it in and turned it on , fan ran
normally , all seemed well until I pulled the trigger . Then everything
went dead again (it "died " a few days ago when I went to use it) . The
last time I did use it it kept going on and off , but did run long
enough to get the task done . I've priced the board , I'm just not sure
I want to drop another 152 bucks into this unit . But OTOH I've got a
lot of MIG wire for it , don't want to toss that either .
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Terry Coombs
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decided to check that the cord was good , hooked the meter leads across the incoming power terminals . With the switch off , I got 125 volts , as soon as I power the welder up it drops to zero . Hey , great , it's the cord ! So I turn on the AC because it's gettin' warm out there and ... it's dead too !
Dammit , I need to get that new box installed ! I used an old one from our Memphis house that I replaced because a couple of the aluminum lugs were badly burned . When I built the shop money was a lot tighter than it is now so I used what I had on hand . Sadly , I've got a new bigger box sittin' here , just haven't installed it because I want to upgrade the supply line from the main box . As soon as I knock the honey-do list down a little it's going to happen .
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Terry Coombs

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