Master Blaster is now in the 11pm Timeslot?

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It might have more to due with the content then the ratings. It would not be cool to see some kids try to copy what was being done.
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Not the most clearly written article I've ever read. It doesn't actually say the driver and passenger had left the truck before the explosion - but they couldn't possibly have survived otherwise, could they?
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Scott Schuckert
There had to have been a fire that caused the explosion. It sounds like they pulled him from the truck before the explosion.
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Chad L. Ellis
Where I was it came on after Tripping the Rift. I bet the Sci-Fi channel will get a heck of a lot of complaints about having the TTR sexual humor on at a 9:00 P.M. slot where I live.
I didn't mind it as I was watching it by myself, but I sure wouldn't want my kids to watch it.
It would have been better to have MB on at the EARLIER slot as I don't think there is anything there that would be offensive to the adults as far as kids watching it. The only issues would be if kids tried to emulate what is on MB with small estes rockets. If that is a concern then TTR and MB should just be in later time slots.
Personally I don't have any issues with MB being on earlier.
Kurt Savegnago
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The one thing I learned from last nights show , was that HPR don't make very good ground seeking targets, as far as accuracy goes. If a terrorist wanted to use M motors to lob stuff into a stadium say, he would have lob about 50 at one time so 1 might actually hit dead center. I guess this episode pretty well dispells the ATF's claim that they can be use for ground targets. I hope both the BATFe and charlie shummer were watching...
shockie B)
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Maybe that's why they scheduled it after the cartoons, to make sure that the BATFe and Shummer would be watch> I hope both the BATFe and charlie shummer were watching...
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Alex Mericas
Over the last three weeks, it has been on at 8PM once in Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zone. Maybe Mountain next week?
Greg Deputy wrote:
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Alex Mericas
Here's a nice little page (by Terry) on the ScoreCube site, dedicated to Dan & Terry's 'Aurora' project.
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I know, old news, but for guys like me who missed the Discovery channel show, it sheds some light on these guy's credentials.
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From what I understand, Terry did everything on the web site. The site is impressive too. Check out the animations.
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Phil Stein

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