Monster Garage . . . Monster Rockets!

The last time I launched a rocket was in the 60's. The other day I saw
the Discovery Channel and had to wipe the drool!
Ok, so I'm back to rockets.
I also noticed a BUNCH of people who would instantly qualify for
Monster Garage, so how about Monster Rockets!!!!
Put together a bunch of rocket looneys (that is what you call
yourself, right?) to build some kind of odd-ball rocket and launch it.
The flying porta-potty would certainly qualify!!!! So would the bunch
that launched it!
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Dean, Los Angeles
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We do it all the time at Lucerne dry lake. 15 miles east of Apple valley Ca. :)
Dave Lucernatic since 1971 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave Griffith NAR 14156 The R.A.T.T.-works Monterey Machine Products 1504-A Industrial Park Street Covina, CA 91722 U.S.A.
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Same with many people here on rmr. Welcome back!
RMR is certainly that but we're also about safety and there are rules, regs., etc. Check out the FAQ at:
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If you have on my sig file, click on 'download' , click on'll see something like you never could have imagined in the rocket world......Ed Miller's idea of rocketry is 3FNC sux. :-)
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Chuck Rudy

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