Motor use and NAR safety code question

The safety code requires motors to be used IAW manufacturer recommendations.
Can I use a motor (BP) during a flight for other than strict propulsion
and still be in compliance at a sanctioned launch?
Essentially, a motor assisted deployment system. I've obviously heard of
such things being done, I just need to do it at sanctioned launches.
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I don't know if NAR has any rules against this, but TRA doesn't. And technically, a motor being used for ejection is still providing propulsion.
I know of at least one large rocket, Chuck Sackett's "Downright Ignorant", that used a J motor to deploy the chutes!
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Contact the manufacturer and ask them.
They will tell you if it is a recommended or approved use of their product per section 2.
That is what killed "tandem motors".
Then there is the "flammable payload" thing in section 8.
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-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter

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