[NASA report] Shuttle disaster

I just got through listening to the news conference by the committee
that did the report on the shuttle disaster over Texas.
I found it very notable many of the exact same issues I have repeatedly
raised about cultural issues at TRA and NAR are considered central
elements of this report as well. NAR and TRA boards would be well
advised to obtain a copy of this report and take to heart the cultural
change proposals made in this report.
Jerry Irvine
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Jerry Irvine
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Trying to make (lying) political hay out of the shuttle tragedy?
Man, you have not a shred of decency in you, Irvine.
Crawl back under your rock.
- George Gassaway
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How predictable is it you would REACT and not even read the posters' reply supporting what I posted.
Just Jerry
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Jerry Irvine

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